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About Ignite Incubator

The Ignite Incubator is a student run incubator that teaches students from all classes years what it takes to bring a business from mind to market through hands on experience.

Our Timeline



The Ignite Incubator was founded as a part of HC Startup at the College of the Holy Cross.

One of our goals is for the Ignite Incubator to become the leading resource for startup development within the Holy Cross community.


Leading Holy Cross Startup Resource

Who is Ignite For?​


The Ignite Incubator team works with organizations at each step of the business creation process. Already have a business and looking to expand? We can help there too!

We can help companies build MVPs, validate customers, build the physical or digital product, understand financials, build go to market strategies, and design effective marketing and sales campaigns. 


Students in the Ignite Incubator learn how to work as a unit, find market opportunities, validate customers, network effectively, innovate and turn ideas into reality.

Build Your Team

Looking for resources to build your team? There are designers, programmers, marketers, and salespeople who want to help you.

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Looking to get involved in the Ignite Incubator as an Entry-Level Associate?

The new Holy Cross Ignite Incubator is looking for students to join the management team as entry-level associates. Your role will be to develop and improve the ideas/businesses in the Incubator using your specific skill set. The commitment is a 5-8 hour a week commitment and students are expected to be involved throughout the entire academic year.

Companies in Ignite

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